Quadro P2000 / TurboVNC / NVIDIA driver 390.25 - black Icons on VNC Connection


i’ve got a problem with my setup, when using TurboVNC for Remote Connection to my Rocks Cluster Front.
I use CentOS 7.4 , a Quadro P2000 with NVIDIA driver version 390.25.

When connecting to to the server with nouveau enabled, everything runs like a charm. But since i want to do gpu-computing, i have to use NVIDIA driver kit (version 390.25) for CUDA 9.1.85. After installing and enabling the nvidia driver, i get black symbols on the VNC Desktop when connecting remotely to the server, but just after opening 2 terminals or hitting some other trigger-actions…

Is this a known issue? Seems specific to the NVIDIA driver.

EDIT: After reloading nouveau with installed NVIDIA driver again, the behaviour with the black symbols after starting multiple instances on remote connection stays the same. So maybe compatibility problem with some specific nvidia-libs, that have been loaded with the installation?

Thanks and regards,