XRDP issue for NVIDIA Quadro P2200, CentOS7.7, Xserver, NVIDIA-smi

I have installed derives of NVIDIA Quadro P2200 on my CentOS7.7 server machine.
At Physical session, i.e. after connecting monitor to local HDMI port, I am able to see display and able to open NVIDIA Setting GUI.

On VGA port black screen coming after OS boot and after installing NVIDIA Driver.
On remote connection, same physical session not transfer to XRDP session.
Also unable to properly view my application on xrdp session. Ghost background image are visible. Where as on physical session (as mentioned above, on physically connected monitor on HDMI port) application is properly visible.
When I try to see results generated by my application on xrdp, it is giving error

I required to have both VGA and HDMI port functional.
Single RDP session similar to Windows.
When connect to RDP session, able to see or transfer my physical session.

Please help me to fix the issue.

The vga port is connected to the internal server graphics (likely ASpeed or Matrox mgag200)
You won’t get a (usable) desktop running spanning the vga and the nvidia hdmi, aspeed/matrox server graphics linux driver don’t support that (what’s the sense of that, anyway?). Rather disable it and have the nvidia graphics run as primary.
Xrdp is (unless you set it to connect to the real Xserver) a virtual desktop running on software in system memory. To make use of the nvidia hw accel in it, you have to set up virtualgl.