Quadro P5000: Noise in the PSU when working with AutoCAD, Hardware acceleration switched ON

After long investigations I came to the result, that the Hardware Acceleration inside AutoCAD (Extras–>Options–>System–>Grafics Performance) causes a noise in the Power supply unit when switched on (that´s the default setting) It sounds like one of these old rattling hard drives. It is only when I move the AutoCAD Crosshair Cursor or when I PAN with the pressed Mousewheel. I have installed the newest NVIDIA driver. Other hardware components: AMD 5950x, 64GB RAM, ASUS TUF Gaming X570-PRO, Gigabyte PSU P850GM, 3dxconnection Enterprise (Cadmouse and Space Navigator). How can I solve this issue. Hardware Acceleration gives a better performance in AutoCAD.

Hi @Benutzer1268 and welcome to the NVIDIA developer forums.

When you say “Noise in PSU” you mean the main power supply of your PC, correct?
The Hardware Acceleration in AutoCAD will likely put a higher load on the GPU and as such cause a higher power draw. The fact that it only happens on certain actions is only an indicator that in those situations the power draw will pass certain thresholds making the effect appear. Fluctuation in power consumption is uavoidable.
Which is why my suggestion would be to look towards your PSU and check what exactly creates the noise (maybe the fan, maybe some coil noises) and decide from there on next actions.

I hope this helps.