Quadro RTX 6000 + Razer EGPU on a Mac pro i5


I have an Nvidia RTX Quadro 6000 , and a Razer EGPU Chroma case , I am traying to connect this setup with my MacBook pro I5 model. I wasn’t able to find the driver for mac os ! .

Can you please help me.

Hi there,

I wonder why you tagged this with “drive-platform-setup” since that is for our Drive OS and Orin/Xavier SKUs, but never mind.

Unfortunately dedicated MacOS driver support was discontinued. It is possible to enable the Compute functionality for NVIDIA GPUs on MacOS with external enclosures, but you will need to go through the Linux driver and the respective adjustments on the MacOS system to get it to work. But I don’t know the exact details on how to do that, I am sorry.


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