Quadro vDWS license for Multi OS

Hi all,

We have a "Quadro vDWS" license. I have two questions:

1- Is it possible to share GPU with this license between to deferent OS at the same time (Windows & Linux or Redhat and non-Redhat distro)? If yes please let me know how should we enable the license.

2- If I want to share GPU for CentOS should I use the "Linux KVM" license?

Thank you in advance

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Hi Ashkan

Yes, you can use Windows and Linux on the same GPU. If both VMs are powered on and in use at the same time, then you’ll need 2 QvDWS licenses. If you only have 1 license, then the VM that acquires the license first will be the only one that can be used with the GPU.

There is no Operating System specific vGPU license, so you can use the vGPU license to support all Operating Systems.