Query about nvidia use RTX3060 - Arch Linux

Hello, I have a query. It turns out that I am a user of a laptop with an nvidia rtx 3060. I use Arch Linux and I have noticed that being in hybrid mode with X11 or xorg whenever I open certain applications such as google chrome or steam the graphics card turns on for a brief moment and then go out. This behavior is more noticeable when using Wayland, even applications like dolphin consume nvidia graphics instead of using the AMD processor graphics.

That said, my question is about what I can do so that in both protocols, both Wayland and X11, I can tell linux to always use the integrated card in the processor unless I tell it otherwise. All this I want to do while keeping the hybrid mode activated.

AFAIK, wayland doesn’t yet support gpu power management.
With X11, when an application queries gpus (e.g. using xrandr), the gpu will need to be turned for that. No way around.