question about ipxe with connectx-3 cards

We are trying to build an OpenHPC/warewulf cluster with just using the ConnectX-3 interfaces.

The issue is when it starts the pxe, it sends one hardware address - ff:00:00:00:00:00:02:00:00:02:c9:00:ec:0d:9a:03:00:06:26:81, but its MAC address shows up as ec:0d:9a:06:26:81. Later on when it probes for the hardware address, it gets ec:0d:9a:03:00:06:26:81. Because it uses 3 different strings, I can’t get OpenHPC to watch for all of them for one node. If I could at least get it to use the 8 position address, instead of the 6 position mac address it wants to use, then I think I could get OpenHPC to do it correctly.

Is there something I should do/configure to have it consistently use the same hardware address? Or do you have any other ideas on this?

  1. Thanks.