question about partition bootloader-dtb file

We found flash.xml bootloader-dtb partition file tegra194-p2888-0001-p2822-0000.dtb.
Its’ same with linux kernel dtb, Did cboot also use dtb or just use it for get kernel
parameter command ?

hello boyi_liao,

you might check Partition Configuration for reference.


According i traced the source in “tegrabl_get_partition_name” function.
cboot did’t seem to be used “bootloader-dtb” partition,

static char partition_names[TEGRABL_BINARY_MAX]
[TEGRABL_BINARY_KERNEL_DTB] = {“kernel-dtb”},
[TEGRABL_BINARY_KERNEL_DTBO] = {“kernel-dtbo”},
[TEGRABL_BINARY_KERNEL_REC] = {“kernel_rec”},
[TEGRABL_BINARY_KERNEL_REC_DTB] = {“kernel_rec-dtb”},

I suspect that is because in Xavier/R32.1 U-Boot is not used. Boot of the Linux kernel is from CBoot.