Question about the order of pgie, sgie, tracker

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If I look at deepstream-app-test2, through the pipeline example of pgie->tracker->sgie, classify has been implemented well.
What I want is a pipeline like pgie->sgie->tracker. Is there any problem with changing the order?

If possible, I want to use the tracker’s interval more, but when inferDone=No, can I get all the meta information about pgie-sgie?

We don’t recommend to change the order. Can you share more details of your project? So we can recommend more efficient pipeline.

hello. We are working on a project related to face-recognition.

  1. pgie
    • detect face and landmark
    • Face-align using opencv through cuda-unified-bufmap
  2. sgie
    • face recognition
  3. tracker
    • [important] Currently only bbox is tracking

because of the information about the entire frame, does the tracker have to come before sgie?

As I said before, the pipeline I want is pgie->sgie->tracker
A few limitations that I think

  1. It is good to receive an aligned image for sgie, but align will fall between Pgie and sgie. (precisely pgie_pad_probe_src)
  2. If the tracker is included, since tracking is not possible track the landmark info, when it is pgie-tracker-sgie, I think the performance will decrease in sgie rather.

Thank you

Does you meet any issue or any performance drop with PGIE->tracker->SGIE? Can you show any issue or perf data to convince we should change the order?

I got landmark information from pgie, but I asked because landmark information is an element that cannot be tracked.

nvtracker only track object based on BBox. Not landmark information.

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