questions about backup configuration switch SN2010 in rConfig


I’m setting up the rConfig backup system for saving configuration Mellanox Model SN2010 switch. Only the first page of the configuration is saved.

The connection template is taken from here:

I added pagingCmd: “terminal length 0” and resetPagingCmd: “terminal length 999” commands to Connection Templates, but it didn’t help.

Tell me, please, how can I configure the template so that the all pages of configuration is saved?

If you compare it with the console, you can see that 23 of the 29 lines of the first page are saved.

try the below before running “show running-config”


#config t

(config) # no cli session paging enable

Thank you very much!

i use this command:

no cli default paging enable

and it fixed. all config are saved.