R32.3.1 gpio number for GPIO3_PP.03 please

Maybe you could explain how to use your gpio calculation documentation to determine the number

Do you guys have another place to look up the gpio numbers?

Do you have a tool that tells you the gpio number?

User would like to know, because I do not understand how to use the tegra186-gpio.h file to get good information.

Still don’t know or understand when to use GPIO_MAIN vs GPIO_AON

GPIO3_PP.03 is 443 for TX2. For Jetson Nano, please check #3.

There is rule of calculating the gpio number, but don’t have tool. You may let us know if you would like to set other pins as gpio pins. We can suggest next.

If you would like to use gpio pins to control hardware components, you may look for pins near the hardware components. Some pins are with multi-function such as PL4, PL5. The two pins are for USB functions. If you need USB functions on your custom board, We would suggest pick other pins as gpio.

Hi terrysu50z,

Not sure if you are asking on the right platform.

This is jetson nano forum board. For jetson nano, it is using TX1 based chip so the gpio header file should be tegra-gpio.h. The offset of them starts at 0.

So GPIO3_PP.03 should be 15*8+3 =123.

BTW, for your information.
tegra186 is for TX2.

T210 -> TX1/Nano
T186 -> TX2
T194 -> Xavier/NX.