R35.4.1 not found libnvbuf_utils.so

As you can see below, I can’t get the libnvbuf_utils.so file in the new BSP package, which will cause some of my applications to not work properly.
please help me to check this issue.

In R35.4.1 BSP version: Unzip the file, the libnvbuf_utils.so file cannot be obtained

In R35.3.1 BSP version: Extract the file to get the libnvbuf_utils.so file

We have deprecated NvBuffer APIs. Please refer to migration guide for migrating fom NvBuffer to NvBufSurface:
Jetson Linux 35.4.1 | NVIDIA Developer

nvbuf_utils to NvUtils Migration Guide

Hi, DaneLLL
You can help me explain the logic of NvUtils use in the picture below, it still seems to be using libnvbuf_utils.so

Sorry that it should be typo. The implementation is in


Thank you for your warning, but I hope this error can be fixed in the future documentation, because I once thought this dynamic library file was essential!

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