Ran into a few bugs when using chat with RTX

first being, after launching chat with rtx, videos can’t be played normally, this happened to both online and local videos.
And also when I pasted the link of a youtube video, after done analyzing it, I gave AI a new link, but the ai seemed to be confused by which video to refer to when answering the question, always referring to the wrong source, I tried restarting the program, refreshing dataset and clearing chat. none of those works.
both errors can be avoided if i restart my pc, but that’s a bit annoying.
I’m using a 4090laptop, driver version 546.01. windows 10.
Everything seems to be installed correctly and working fine except from the above 2 errors.

You may be using all of your GPU (did you try turning off the webapp?)

For YouTube, be sure that you are using the full URL, and not the short URL.

e.g. from the header: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OyJWnV1MHy4&ab_channel=DWNews
Right-click on the screen: https://youtu.be/OyJWnV1MHy4