RaspberryPi camera Module 3 supported?

My Raspberry Pi camera V2.1 works OK with my Nano 4GB (Jetpack 4.6.3 [L4T 32.7.3])

~$ ls /dev/video*
/dev/video0  /dev/video1   #(video0 = RPI camera, video1=Web cam

When I connect the RPI camera Module 3, (11,9 megapixels ) camera does not show up in /dev/video*

Is this camera not supported or do I need extra settings (??)

hello henk1,

could you please give more details of this camera module?

I have the same problem. It’s the Raspberry Pi Camera Module 3 (Features Sony IMX708 12-megapixel sensor with I2C-controlled focus actuator).

I also already followed the solution in this thread Does the Raspberry Pi camera module 3 have support yet?, but there is no option for IMX708 camera in the Jetson‑IO display.

IMX708 is not yet add to camera support scope.

So does that mean there is no way to connect the Raspberry Pi Camera Module 3 (IMX708) to Jetson Nano Developer Kit as of now? If so, will there be support for IMX708 in the near future?

I believe the best option is to add a driver for the camera to the Jetson kernel and build it from scratch. While I have no idea what I’m actually doing, I’m going to give it a try. The Raspberry Pi kernel has support for the camera and the driver is here:

If I somehow get this to work, I will report back.

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Hey guys, I foolishly purchased two V3 cameras and obviously facing the same issue. Any progress here on the solution? I am nowhere near the knowledge I would need to bake the drivers in and recompile the kernel.


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