RAW8 pixel conversion rule on Jetson Xavier NX


Our camera has a MIPI interface directly connects to Xavier NX, and this monochrome camera uses RAW8 format which should give us normal grayscale images without any conversion. But we find those images look weird and hard to explain at pixel level.

For example of a fade-to-gray test pattern, the actual pixel value should be X, but we have Y
where X and Y are
0x03 → 0x00
0x0B → 0x02
0x13 → 0x04

0xAB → 0xEA
0xB3 → 0xEC
0xBB → 0xEE

Is there a rule to convert the pixels or just some problems with our camera?

Any help will be appreciated.

Have a check this. Confirm by TRM for the detail.

Hi ShaneCCC,

Thanks for your help, we found this issue might be caused by our hardware design.

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