RDMA problem FreeBSD 11.0

Hello everyone I have a problem to enable RDMA on FreeBSD 11, configuration as follows KVM host , ConnectX-4 card , FreeBSD with one VF allocated to FreeBSD host, I compile modules mlx5 and mlx5en and loaded to kernel as fallows :

1 30 0xffffffff80200000 1fa88f8 kernel

2 2 0xffffffff82219000 1c9ab mlx5.ko

3 5 0xffffffff82236000 fcf6 linuxkpi.ko

4 1 0xffffffff82246000 152b8 mlx5en.ko

5 1 0xffffffff8225c000 11f0a krping.ko

6 2 0xffffffff8226e000 5be1a ibcore.ko

7 1 0xffffffff822ca000 f728 iser.ko

8 1 0xffffffff822da000 114b8 iscsi.ko

9 1 0xffffffff822ec000 3de40 linux.ko

10 2 0xffffffff8232a000 7b08 linux_common.ko

11 1 0xffffffff82332000 389f4 linux64.ko

I can ping my second host but I can’t ping using rping or udaddy , I get the errors like this :

udaddy: starting client

udaddy: connecting

udaddy: event: RDMA_CM_EVENT_ADDR_ERROR, error: -19

test complete

return status -19

rping give me similar error :

cma event RDMA_CM_EVENT_ADDR_ERROR, error -19

What is interesting in is that rdma connection from KVM host to second test Linux machine is working.

I did not rebuild sources with_OFED=‘YES’ I only build modules from sources in FreeBSD maybe somebody can help me with this ??



Hi Adam,

Set your ulimit to unlimited

vi /etc/security/limits.conf

  • soft memlock unlimited

  • hard memlock unlimited