Reading raw data from CSI port directly


Is there any way to read raw data from CSI port directly, regardless of v4l2 and camera drivers? In example like what raspiraw do for RaspberryPi?

Not really understand your question.
The v4l2-ctl command can get the raw by below command when your sensor driver is enable.

v4l2-ctl -d /dev/video0 --set-fmt-video=width=1920,height=1080,pixelformat=RG10 --set-ctrl bypass_mode=0 --stream-mmap --stream-count=1 --stream-to=ov1080.raw

Hello Shane
Thanks for your reply.

v4l2-ctl requires to have a working device driver. But raspiraw bypasses the v4l2 stack and directly reads the CSI data, which helps for testing and debugging. I wonder if there is a solution to do the same on Jetson Nano.

May be the test partner generation aka tpg match your request.