Real Time Kernel 4.9 patch files are missing for TX2i

We want to enable real time capabilities, I found this post: About real time kernel patch which mentions that there should be patch files under kernel-4.4 folder.
In our version we use kernel-4.9 which does not have these files.

Where can I find them? Or is there an alternate way to enable real time?


Run the …/kernel/kernel-4.9/script/re-patches apply-patches to apply it.

Hi ShaneCCC! Thank you for the reply!

We don’t have the …/kernel/kernel-4.9/ folder which is probably THE problem I have.
I have downloaded the SDK using nvidia SDKManager, I looked everywhere there to see if there is a real-time checkbox or something similar but can’t find any.

Also tried doing the entire sequence in About real time kernel patch - #7 by ajcalderont.
I then tried plugging the newly created kernel image into my original SDK - because we made many changes to configuration files and device tree, etc.

But for some reason it breaks the boot sequence, I will try redoing the sequence today, to make sure I did not commit any mistakes, and upload more information.


Check below document to get the right kernel source.

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