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Software Version
DRIVE OS 6.0.6
DRIVE OS 6.0.5
DRIVE OS 6.0.4 (rev. 1)

Target Operating System

Hardware Platform
DRIVE AGX Orin Developer Kit (940-63710-0010-300)
DRIVE AGX Orin Developer Kit (940-63710-0010-200)
DRIVE AGX Orin Developer Kit (940-63710-0010-100)
DRIVE AGX Orin Developer Kit (940-63710-0010-D00)
DRIVE AGX Orin Developer Kit (940-63710-0010-C00)
DRIVE AGX Orin Developer Kit (not sure its number)

SDK Manager Version

Host Machine Version
native Ubuntu Linux 20.04 Host installed with SDK Manager
native Ubuntu Linux 20.04 Host installed with DRIVE OS Docker Containers
native Ubuntu Linux 18.04 Host installed with DRIVE OS Docker Containers


It is noticed that when the Drive AGX Orin loses power, its internal clock appears to stop. There looks like there is a script that saves the system time every 10 seconds that the system is on that the system pulls from in order to set time on startup, so time doesn’t skip backwards, but we’re noticing that we’re losing time in equal proportion to when we’re off. Looking at the front grille, it appears that there is an RTC battery holder of some kind, but it appears to be unpopulated. Does the RTC function of the Orin Drive AGX dev kit work, and no battery was provided, or is there some other reason why the RTC is not used in this setup?


I’m checking this internally and will get back to you soon.

Looking a bit deeper into it on this forum, it appears that rtc0 is the one that has battery backup capability, not rtc1, though I also note rtc0 is not in 6.0.6, and neither are in (as a matter of fact, hwclock itself doesn’t see anything to talk to in On 6.0.6, simply enabling vrm_rtc in the bpmp section of the dtsi doesn’t result in rtc0 showing up, and in fact attempting to communicate via bpmp’s I2C lane results in a bunch of -13 errors (which I believe is ‘I2C uninitialized’). I guess:

  • Does Drive AGX Orin support the use of vrm_rtc?
  • If so, what changes are necessary to enable it?
  • What is the hardware clock support plan for Are all RTCs and rtc-like entities (such as rtc1) deprecated?


Could you please provide us with more details on where you found references to ‘vrm_rtc’? This will help us better understand the context and assist you more effectively.

Searching through the device tree for references to rtc0, it was found under a section labeled ‘vrs_rtc’ (not vrm_rtc, my mistake), which in turn was part of the bpmp i2c network. The rtc instance in the device tree was disabled, so I did attempt enabling it to see if the driver would automatically load. It did not. Regardless of that, the question should perhaps be better stated as: does Drive AGX support the use of rtc0, and if so, what steps are required in order to enable it? We have an application that requires an RTC to keep track of time when power is disconnected, so a battery-backed RTC is definitely of interest to us.


Any further details required?

VRS10 is managed by the MCU, but the RTC isn’t supported yet. It will be supported in the future.


Understood. Is there a timeline you can share that describes when that will occur, or is that not on any immediate roadmap?

We don’t have a specific timeline but we are actively exploring the feasibility of CAN RTC.

Thanks. Is there a part number or specific product you are exploring for a CAN RTC?

We have confirmed that the RTC module used with Xavier is not supported on Orin.

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