Reboot stops working on Jetpack 4.6.2 after update from Jetpack 4.6.1

This alteration to the device tree allowed us to produce a working reboot on a custom carrier board with the optional reboot timing circuit.

After doing an apt update and apt upgrade, the reboot no longer functions. We can go back to 4.6.1 but we want to make sure we’re keeping up with updates. Is there something we need to change to get it to work again? Do we need to revert to the original device tree?


I am a little confused by what you are asking here. Why not you just change the device tree of jp4.6.2 again so that it can reboot too?

Also, the original topic you asked is on TX2 and now you file a topic on NX forum. What platform is that exactly?

Sorry for the confusion. It is definitely Xavier-NX - not sure how the other post ended up as TX2.

If I’m running 32.7.1 and do an apt update/upgrade to 32.7.2, the reboot stops working. My understanding is that this should not change the device tree. Is that correct?

Assuming the update does not change the device tree, what would have changed that stopped reboot from working?

If the update does modify the device tree, then how do I get a compiled dbt for 32.7.2? There’s no L4T sources available in the download center to compile this. Would we have to reflash this dtb with every L4T update?

  1. By default, apt-get upgrade will install the whole BSP from jetpack again. The “whole BSP” here means the bootloader, the kernel and the dtb.

  2. If you don’t want (1) to update, you can remove nvidia ppa from the apt source list so that apt-get upgrade won’t update BSP, kernel and dtb

  3. If you want it to update BSP, then you need to download the kernel source from here.

Every source will be put in l4t archive in future and not in download center anymore.

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What would be the recommended way to do remote updates with the correctly compiled DTB? We could produce that for each version if we needed. We would be unable to “flash” the device tree files remotely. Is there a way to update it without flashing it and do it along side the system upgrade?


I don’t get what you want to ask here. Are you able to understand my previous comment?

If you just want to asked how to prevent “apt-get erased your dtb”, then I already replied your question in that comment.

We understand that a remote update (apt-get) will erase the dtb and that we can disable nvidia updates to prevent that, thank you for your answer.

However, that disables our ability to update the L4T version. If we still want to update the L4T version, is there any way to do that remotely? We understand how to produce the dtb for each version of L4T, but we don’t understand how to “flash” the device tree remotely. How is apt doing it? Is there a manual process for updating L4T that lets us include our own device tree files and that can be done without having physical access to the device?


You can refer to " Customizing Debian Packages".

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