Jetpack 4.6 cannot reboot or turn off

This topic was closed with a note that “it was fixed in software.” We’re not sure what that means?

We’re seeing similar issues. Will a simple update fix this (apt update/upgrade)? Do we need to flash a new image? Does the SDK Manager flash a corrected version? Do we need to modify something in the kernel?

hello smith.stephen.mitchell,

are you able to repo the same failure with Jetson TX2 DevKit on JetPack-4.6?

leds {
compatible = “gpio-leds”;
status = “okay”;
pwr {
gpios = <&tegra_aon_gpio TEGRA194_AON_GPIO(CC, 1) GPIO_ACTIVE_HIGH>;
default-state = “on”;

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Yes, we see the Xavier NX SOM unable to drive sys_reset or shutdown low when using Jetpack 4.5 or 4.6. It works on Jetpack 4.4. We’ve probed the signals similar to the results described in the previously linked thread. We’re using the optional reboot timing circuit provided in the documentation which requires that the SOM drives one of those signals low to cycle power at the board. Currently the SOM shuts down without driving those signals low and therefore the carrier board does not know to cycle power (or turn off) and therefore the SOM never reboots.

could you please try remove those DT configurations as mentioned in the comment #4

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