Recent drivers no longer work with Win7

The last driver I’ve been able to use successfully is v368.22 on my Dell Inspiron 15 i7 (7559) with a 960M NVidia card.

Subsequent drivers cause the video card to disappear from the system merely by calling cudeDeviceReset() or other access functions.

Usually this produces a message saying “GeForce device is not removable and cannot be ejected or unplugged,” and then the device no longer appears in the Device Manager, until the system is rebooted. I cannot even install a new driver until it is rebooted.

I even bought a new notebook to check if there is a hardware problem, but it had the same result.

I have reverted back to 368.22, but eventually this will become untenable as newer drivers are required to work with new versions of NSight and CUDA.

Who do I have to report this to, to get drivers fixed?

You can file NVIDIA bug reports at the developer portal:

register as a developer. Once you are registered, you can file bug reports.

I’m sure Dell has a support path as well.

If you file an NVIDIA bug report, my suggestion would be to give as much information as possible. In addition to what is in your posting already:

  1. What newer drivers you have tried
  2. An exact, complete sample code that causes the failure to occur
  3. The CUDA version you are using.
  4. The Visual Studio version you are using.

If it happens to be a failure that only occurs on that specific laptop (model/type), then it’s possible that NVIDIA won’t be able to do anything directly (if the issue cannot be reproduced on another platform.) In that case, you may need to escalate through Dell. And Dell is likely to suggest that you use a driver that is published by Dell for use on that platform.