Driver Problem

I’m trying to install devdriver_3.0_winxp_32_197.13_general.exe on my system but it fails with

“The NVIDIA Setup program could not locate any drivers that are compatible with your current hardware. Setup will now exit.”

This happens on my desktop (Dell dual Xeon, Win XP SP3, EVGA GTX 480, Driver v as well as on my laptop (using the corresponding driver). Note that my laptop’s NVidia does not support CUDA but of course the GTX 480 does. Now I start wondering if it might be related to the OS. Any ideas are appreciated.


Try to install the Beta-Driver 275.15,this works fine and has a better performance.
Beta-Driver 275.15

and it can help you:
Forum Topic to Driver Problem

Thanks for the feedback. However, I am running Windows XP and this beta driver is for Vista/7. Any other ideas what is going on? I actually googled this a lot and there seems to be a good number of people having the same issue.

You could try the 197.75 driver.