Recent Jetson TX2 Developer Kits with Jetpack 3.0 - no LAN

we have bought some new TX2 Developer Kits and tried to install the Jetpack 3.0.
The flashing is working properly - but the LAN connection to TX2 Developer Kit fails.
The Linux4Tegra is booting - but the LAN is not working…
Ive tested same older TX2 Developer Kits without Problems.
Also using Jetpack 3.3 with new TX2 Developer Kits is working without Problems.
So is the a Hardware Change which makes TX2 Developer Kits incompatible with Jetpack 3.0?


Yes, jetpack3.0 is just a development preview. Please try with latest jetpack.

we have some driver dependencies to Jetpack 3.0 Kernel 4.4.15.
Could you explain which hardware changes on Jetson Module causes the LAN problems with Jetpack 3.0 .
Can this be fixed with device tree changes?

Hi PeterLustig,

That’s not easy to trace back the cause for the LAN problem you met with JetPack 3.0 due to that’s not a production baseline, please move to the latest one for better support.