Recommended IDE for Jetson TX2?

What’s a good IDE to use on L4T with the TX2? I’d really like to develop right on the Jetson. I tried to install Eclipse, Pycharm and Netbeans, but none of them seem to run properly on L4T. I don’t need anything fancy, but highlighting and autocompletion would be nice features to have.

vim with syntastic and GNU make works great.
(And has syntax highlighting, linting, and auto-completion)


Usually, we use Nsight on the host.
For device IDE, there are some topics discussed before:

You can give it a try.

Thanks to AastaLLL and snarky for their replies! Those are both great options. Just in case anyone’s interested, I’ve had a lot of luck using Geany on the host. If you want something more powerful, the Netbeans IDE has some really great remote options for developing on another device (see

Hi I’m trying to install Pycharm on the Jetson TX2 and I receive the following error:

Startup Error: Application cannot start in headless mode

What should I do?


Sorry for that we are not familiar with PyCharm.
Please check with the PyCharm team if they support ARM platform first:



Which IDE do you recommend for the Jetson TK2 ?

Thanks, Yoni.

Note that a “headless computer” is a computer without a monitor…which implies command line only. Or…you can forward to another Linux host with a GUI. Example, log in via “ssh -Y nvidia@some.address”.


We don’t have too much experience with the device IDE.

Usually, we use Nsight EE on the host to cross-compile a project.
For IDE on TX2, you can check the information shared in #4.


I have been using PyCharm on Jetson TX2 for quite some time, and it works wonderfully. If memory serves, the “headless mode” error is a Java versioning issue.

Install Java with the following method:

sudo apt-get install openjdk-8-jdk

After that, PyCharm should install just fine using the Linux installer downloaded from JetBeans.

If you have a different version of Java already on your system, then you may encounter difficulty replacing Java with the above version. I once started out with a different version of Java and tried replacing it with the Java install above, but the only way I was able to get PyCharm to run after that was to reflash with JetPack and start from scratch using the Java install above.

Hope this helps.

I have been using qtcreator on TK1, TX1 and TX2. It is a very complete IDE supporting GDB.

Installation is not straight forward…you would first install packages such as :

sudo apt-get install qt5-default qtbase5-dev qt5-doc qtcreator

[EDIT: It may be better to reboot now, because of some of the GL dependancies installed.]

On first run, you would have to configure a few things.
In menu bar, go to Tools/options and click on Compilers, add gcc (path is /usr/bin/gcc).
Then click on ‘Qt Versions’ and check it has found Qt5 qmake (path should be /usr/lib/aarch64-linux-gnu/qt5/bin/qmake).
Then click on Kits and check that Desktop default kit has compiler and Qt version ok.
[EDIT: if you cannot select a compiler for the kit, try to add a second compiler (same with a different name is ok) and you may then be able to select one in kit. Then you can delete the second compiler.]

Should be enough for starting editing, building, debugging, create nice GUIs…You may have to install some other packages for docs, examples…

I have poor experience in this, but note you can use qtcreator for GUI design and use it from python with PyQt:

I’ve installed oracle jdk8 and JAVA_HOME setting was done and got the same error,
I follow your instruction and got the same error too, coz openjdk-8-jdk including headless version.
Anyone can help me?
Thanks a lot

I’ve been using a pretty lightweight and good IDE installed directly on the Jetson TX2, the Eric6 IDE.
I recommend it.

Another option is VSCode, which now has a reasonable port for aarch64.
Try reading to get pointers to install it.


Hi AastaLLL,
Is there a good engineering reason to choose cross-compilation over development on the TX2 ( ignoring any Java issues )?