Recommended IDE for Jetson TX2?

What’s a good IDE to use on L4T with the TX2? I’d really like to develop right on the Jetson. I tried to install Eclipse, Pycharm and Netbeans, but none of them seem to run properly on L4T. I don’t need anything fancy, but highlighting and autocompletion would be nice features to have.

vim with syntastic and GNU make works great.
(And has syntax highlighting, linting, and auto-completion)


Usually, we use Nsight on the host.
For device IDE, there are some topics discussed before:

You can give it a try.

Thanks to AastaLLL and snarky for their replies! Those are both great options. Just in case anyone’s interested, I’ve had a lot of luck using Geany on the host. If you want something more powerful, the Netbeans IDE has some really great remote options for developing on another device (see [url][/url]).

Hi I’m trying to install Pycharm on the Jetson TX2 and I receive the following error:

Startup Error: Application cannot start in headless mode

What should I do?


Sorry for that we are not familiar with PyCharm.
Please check with the PyCharm team if they support ARM platform first:



Which IDE do you recommend for the Jetson TK2 ?

Thanks, Yoni.

Note that a “headless computer” is a computer without a monitor…which implies command line only. Or…you can forward to another Linux host with a GUI. Example, log in via “ssh -Y nvidia@some.address”.


We don’t have too much experience with the device IDE.

Usually, we use Nsight EE on the host to cross-compile a project.
For IDE on TX2, you can check the information shared in #4.


I have been using PyCharm on Jetson TX2 for quite some time, and it works wonderfully. If memory serves, the “headless mode” error is a Java versioning issue.

Install Java with the following method:

sudo apt-get install openjdk-8-jdk

After that, PyCharm should install just fine using the Linux installer downloaded from JetBeans.

If you have a different version of Java already on your system, then you may encounter difficulty replacing Java with the above version. I once started out with a different version of Java and tried replacing it with the Java install above, but the only way I was able to get PyCharm to run after that was to reflash with JetPack and start from scratch using the Java install above.

Hope this helps.

I have been using qtcreator on TK1, TX1 and TX2. It is a very complete IDE supporting GDB.

Installation is not straight forward…you would first install packages such as :

sudo apt-get install qt5-default qtbase5-dev qt5-doc qtcreator

[EDIT: It may be better to reboot now, because of some of the GL dependancies installed.]

On first run, you would have to configure a few things.
In menu bar, go to Tools/options and click on Compilers, add gcc (path is /usr/bin/gcc).
Then click on ‘Qt Versions’ and check it has found Qt5 qmake (path should be /usr/lib/aarch64-linux-gnu/qt5/bin/qmake).
Then click on Kits and check that Desktop default kit has compiler and Qt version ok.
[EDIT: if you cannot select a compiler for the kit, try to add a second compiler (same with a different name is ok) and you may then be able to select one in kit. Then you can delete the second compiler.]

Should be enough for starting editing, building, debugging, create nice GUIs…You may have to install some other packages for docs, examples…

I have poor experience in this, but note you can use qtcreator for GUI design and use it from python with PyQt:

I’ve installed oracle jdk8 and JAVA_HOME setting was done and got the same error,
I follow your instruction and got the same error too, coz openjdk-8-jdk including headless version.
Anyone can help me?
Thanks a lot

I’ve been using a pretty lightweight and good IDE installed directly on the Jetson TX2, the Eric6 IDE.
I recommend it.

Another option is VSCode, which now has a reasonable port for aarch64.
Try reading to get pointers to install it.


Hi AastaLLL,
Is there a good engineering reason to choose cross-compilation over development on the TX2 ( ignoring any Java issues )?