PyCharm on Jetson TX2

Hello everybody!
I have just bought a brand-new Jetson TX2 and I installed PyCharm on it.
Apart from the JetPack 3.1, of course, I also install:
Python-dev, Python-test, Python-numpy…
When I launch PyCharm, it starts just fine, but then it doesn’t find any Python interpreter on the Jetson.
How can I solve this? I would like to use PyCharm on my Jetson. Is that possible?
I know for a fact that Python is installed because, apart from those apt-get install commands I launched, when I write Python on the terminal I get the “>>>” on the following line.
Thank you so very much for your help!!

I am not familiar with PyCharm. Which Ubuntu package normally provides the interpreter version you need (did it give a specific error message as to what was missing)? I would think it uses the normal Ubuntu packages and won’t care that this is Jetson hardware.

add the interpreter if it isn’t listed

I also met this problem. Have you sovled it?

Hi I’m trying to install Pycharm on the Jetson and I receive the following error:

Startup Error: Application cannot start in headless mode

What should I do?

You should use something as a display: one way is to do the following:

In the case of connecting to Jetson with your computer:

$ ssh -X nvidia@

install java jdk

install pycharm from binary, it will work

Beside display, I noticed headless java makes problems for initiating display related (including pycharm which uses x11). You can handle headless problem by installing openjava(openjdk- like ubuntu) versions (ofcourse aftes cleaning all other java versions).
I installed pycharm on Jetson tx2 it works fine. I think you should take care of dependencies (just like usual ubuntu).