Python IDE for Xavier?

Hi, I am about to purchase an Xavier and was wondering if there are any IDE’s that would let me develop directly on the Xavier? Something like pycharm. Or, worst case, something like pyinstaller that would create an executable that would run on the Xavier? I develop python on an x86, so I need to figure out an easy way to get things running on the Xavier. Does anyone have any experience doing this?




You can check this topic for information:


Hi, Thanks for the response! I did see that post for the TX2 that you pointed me to but it didn’t help me much. I was hoping since Xavier runs Ubuntu 18.04 there would be new IDE options now.

It may be because I just don’t understand what steps are required to write Python and then run or debug that Python on something like the Xavier. Nsight looks like it is for CUDA not Python?

Sorry for my ignorance, I am on a learning curve.

I currently develop in Visual Studio on my Windows machine and PyCharm on my Ubuntu machine. I can write code in the IDE and run and debug directly in that IDE. How would I be able to get that exact same Python code which may use multiple libraries to run on Xavier if there is no IDE that runs on Xavier?

Is there a simple tutorial for something like this? Maybe a Python Hello World for Xavier (develop on host machine and then copy by file to Xavier and run?) Something with library dependencies to show how that works. I don’t have experience building from the command line.



What’s wrong with using the remote debugging that’s built into PyCharm?

Note that the hardware and libraries that make the Jetson so great at the power/performance curve, aren’t available on the “native” host, so there’s a bunch of “native” development you probably can’t do. You should expect to have the Xavier in the loop for any real device-specific development.

I just tried installing Microsoft Code on my Xavier, and then installing the Python plug-in for it.
It seems to work well, but I don’t have a lot of experience with it on Xavier yet.
Code is my go-to IDE on Linux x64 at work now, but configuring it can be a little confusing.
You might want to give it a try first on your PC – it will work the same on Xavier.

For Xavier, you need to download and install this debian package:

wget --content-disposition

Info about it is here:

Once it is installed, type ‘code-oss’ to run it. When you load a python file, it will prompt you to install a plug-in for python. After installing that, type ‘Ctrl+Shift+P’ to bring up the command window, and then select ‘Python: Select Interpreter’ to choose the python3 interpreter.


EDIT: For the curious, I just tried the C++ debugging extension for Code, but it doesn’t work on the Xavier. It seems to call some Intel-specific binaries.

Thanks everyone for the suggestions! Microsoft Code sounds like it may be a good solution to try. Actually it may even work on the TX2.


I use Spyder3 IDE on my Xavier. I like Pycharm more but installing this one is more straight forward and it is also quite good. It is possible to download it from the Xavier’s software center.