Recommended video capture for Jetson NX Dev board


I already ordered Jetson NX DevKit. I wonder if someone can suggest an appropriate video capture device to capture hdmi stream for ML processing on DevBoard. My original plan was to use Magewell HDMI to USB capture device. I wonder if there are better alternatives. that I can connect to DevBoard without HDMI to USB method. All thoughts and suggestions are appreciated.


Please find a full list of cameras compatible with the Jetson platform from the Jetson Partners Supported Cameras page.

Thank you for camera recommendation. :) I probably was not clear enough as I am looking for HDMI Video Capture, not camera. Think of TV output (hdmi) goes to DevKit for content analysis.

hello dmitry_ivahno,

please check L4T Sources via download center to check support drivers. here’s HDMI-CSI bridge driver based-on tc358840 included by default.
you may still contact with Jetson Preferred Partners for similar solutions.

Where you able to find a solution?

hello franciscon9k63,

tc358840 is one of HDMI-CSI bridge reference driver in the L4T source package.
could you please describe your question in details, you may initial another new forum discussion thread for better supports.

I have a similar question/issue to dmitry-ivahno. I want to take a live video stream from someone playing a video game for ML. I am using a capture device (it is USB 3.1 Compliant but does not have Linux specific drivers) that would connect to the Xavier NX via USB and would be accepting the video from HDMI. This is the only way I know of patching live video to the unit, unless there is another way (network has too much latency)?

Thank you in advance.

hello keoki.daniel,

this is a video capture use-case, and I think some of Jetson Preferred Partners already have similar solutions.
please contact with them for further supports.