recorder-qt video is very bright when using x264 compression


I’m using recorder-qt to record video from a camera. When I use raw format the video quality is good, but when I use x264 compression the video is too bright. How can i fix it?

Screenshot from a raw video:
Screenshot from a x264 video:

Here’s an excerpt from my recorder-config.json file:

    "sensors": [
            "protocol": "camera.gmsl",
            "params": "camera-type=ar0231-rccb,csi-port=ab,camera-count=1,output-format=h264,async-record=1,fifo-size=6",
            "channel-names": [


Dear gregory.gleibman,

Can I know your using DriveWorks version?
If 0.6 version, could you please update PDK and DriveWorks via NVIDIA SDK Manager?


We are having the same issue. We are using Drive We are using Sekonix SF3325-10 cameras.

h264 screenshot:
raw screenshot:

Here is an excerpt of our congifuration json file.

“camera”: {
“separate-thread”: true,
“write-file-pattern”: “video_*”,
“sensors”: [
“protocol”: “camera.gmsl”,
“params”: “camera-type=ar0231-rccb,csi-port=ab,camera-count=3,output-format=raw+h264,async-record=0,fifo-size=12,required-framerate = 30”,
“channel-names”: [