Recording from multiple cameras simultaneously


If I have 6 camera modules connected to the Jetson TX2 through the CSI-2 2 lanes, how do I make sure that they all start recording at the same time?

Is it just by sending signals through the I2C bus or by using the CAM_VSYNC signal? Or do I need additional hardware for that?

If you want globally synchronized shutter down to the scanline (or global shutter,) then yes, your sensor needs to have a shutter-start input, and you need separate hardware (such as using a GPIO pin) to trigger them.
I am told that you can get “close” using I2C commands sent in quick succession, but I have not yet come to the point where I can characterize what “close” actually means. I imagine it also depends on the sensor specifics.

It’s better to use the frame sync function provide from the sensor. Some sensor have HW pin to connect together and have i2c set them as master and slave mode and they will sync by themself.

For synchronous capture of all 6 Cameras on the Jetson TX1 board you must provide an external trigger signal provided by the PWM Generator to the frame sync through the I2C bus. Our product e-CAM30_HEXCUTX1 contains an on-board PWM generator that provides the trigger signal of 29Hz Frequency. Kindly refer the link below for more details and do contact for further discussions.