Recording instance segmentation images in the Stereo camera setup


I am trying to generate synthetic data using Synthetic data recorder in the Isaac Sim. The setup consists of a stereo camera (a center, left, and right cameras) and the goal is to capture instance and semantic segmentation images. When I capture instance segmentation images in the single setup it works fine. Also, when I capture semantic segmentaion images in the stereo camera it works. However, when I try to capture instance segmentation images in the stereo setup I get following error:

Do you know how can I debug this error?

I have seen single camera, and double camera with left/right work. I have not tried triple camera with left/center/right. Do you know if you have the rgb color image turned on for all cameras? I believe that always has to be on to get results, though it may not be on by default with new cameras.

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@mcarlson1 thanks for your reply. Yes, the rgb color image is turn on for all cameras. I tried to generate instance segmentation images for double camera but I got the same error. Only single camera works for me.

Sorry for the slow response. We have been transitioning to the replicator api, and the synthetic data recorder has been put on the side burner.

If you can get your collection working with the Omniverse Replicator SDK, you should be able to get any number of cameras.

Here is some documentation on that.

In the Availability section at the end of that blog post there are “Replicator documentation” and “Replicator tutorials” that will help a lot. Also, note that it is being developed in Omniverse Code, but all the functionality of Replicator is in Isaac Sim as well, as it’s just a set of extensions that we also use.

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