Redirect GPU output from DP to Pcie/Ethernet/MIPI

I wish to redirect the AGX GPU output to an PCIe / Ethernet / MIPI interface (to an external device, for example FPGA). instead of display port.

How can I modify the GPU output destination?

For the PCIe case, do I need to use GPUDirect?

I asked a similar question here but i opened this thread to rephrase my question:


The existing solution is to pass the data through PCIe. Please refer to
Video over PCIe - #8 by AastaLLL

thank you for you answer.

Is PCIe my only possible choice?
I wish to benchmark the BW/performance for my specific use case when redirecting through PCIe/ETH/MIPI

The last two not possible?

For using Ethernet, a general use-case is to encode frame data into h264/h265 stream and send out through UDP or RTSP. We don’t know whether there’s frameworks to send RAW frame data.

For sending MIPI signals, it is not supported on Jetson devices. There are CSI ports for receiving MIPI signals, but cannot run as a source to generate MIPI signals.

Thank you for your answer.

Just to clarify:
If I wish to send data via udp from the GPU memory, do I have to copy it into RAM first by the CPU and then use the network driver? or can I use the network driver to the the encoded frame directly from the GPU memory?

The possible solution is like:

GPU buffer → NvBufSurface → hardware encoder → h264stream → UDP or RTSP

We support gstreamer and jetson_multimedia_api. You can choose one for developing the use-case.

Thanks I’ll try and update

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