Refresh many TX2 at the same time

I have about 15 new TX2 without system.
I want to refrsh my system at the same time and configure same ststem environment.
Is there a simple way to do that?

I have not personally flashed multiple Jetsons at the same time, but the driver package documentation (downloadable where the driver package can be downloaded) has a “Flashing Multiple Tegra Devices” chapter. Which L4T version? Assuming R28.2.1 (the latest for a TX2):

A history of release versions in case it is another version (the oldest versions don’t have this feature though):

Once you’ve downloaded and unpacked the “Documentation” archive, just point your browser at the “Start_L4T_Docs.html” and look in the left column index for “Flashing Multiple Tegra Devices”.