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We are doing a R&D on NVIDIA Jetson Orin & Jetson Nano kits for our end user design case. When we went for an internet connection provision for the Kits to our IT team. IT team refused to provide sighting Cybersecurity issue (while doing VA Scan on the kits they detected threats/vulnerabilities) i.e Kits Ubuntu OS is not updated to latest security patches available in Ubuntu open source, although we are using latest packages (Also updated “sudo apt-get update”).

They are expecting the kit should be like any other Ubuntu PC in the Org.

Do anybody came across such issue? How we can overcome this?
Do we get all the security patches required from NVIDIA?

Please help me to fix this, I need internet connection to the kits

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The AGX Orin kits is Ubuntu 20.04 and the Jetson Nano is Ubuntu 18.04.
Please provide more informaion of what threats/vulnerabilities are.

Hi Kaycc,

Thank you for your quick response.

Yes we are using “The AGX Orin kits is Ubuntu 20.04 and the Jetson Nano is Ubuntu 18.04.”

Pleas find attached the VA scan report for some of the Nano boards connected to Company network for internet access.

Let me know if you need any further details.

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(Attachment Nano_Boards_VA_SCAN.xlsx is missing) (147.4 KB)


We may release security patch periodically. But for now I have no comment to all the issue you mentioned here.

I will share your scan result to internal team about this.

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