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Regarding camera solutions, please find those information from

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There are the following requirements: binocular camera, 1080P@30pfs, field of view angle 120 ~140,Camera baseline 60cm.Application scene is vehicle,Video synchronization required,Camera mounted on front windshield. Please recommend the implementation scheme.(有如下需求:双目摄像头,1080P@30pfs,视场角120~140,相机基线60CM。应用场景时车载双目,需要视频同步,相机贴装在前挡风玻璃处,相机之间距离60厘米以上。请您推荐一下实现方案(之前考虑直接用CSI接口相机,但后来从网上资料获悉,CSI相机接口只能支持10CM左右距离,达不到要求))

We will suggest you to try our TRICamera product e-CAM130_TRICUTX2. It will provide synchronous output at 1080p and 4K @30fps. Please refer the below link to get more information: