Remote desktop questions:

i am working jetson nx and i updated jetpack 5.0.1 and deepstream 6.1,
i met a question about remote desktop and i am using nomachine in local area network by VPN.
it is strange that nomachine work well in my office, but can not show desktop if terminal is outdoor and only show like this:

how can i get it work normally? pls give some advice.
and i can use putty right now.

thank you very much!

This would need other users to share experience. Generally we login remote devices through ssh commands. We don’t have much experience of using this tool.

before ubuntu18.04, everything is ok and happenned the problem after i updated.

i have solved the problem and it is gdm3 file questions.

thank you

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not gdm file problem, should be HDMI.caused that problem.

thank you!

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