Rendering settings

I would like to use the Hardware Ray Tracing support within UE5 to render with higher quality. However, when I activate it, it doesn’t enable me to render at all, propmting a not enough memory message.

I have a NVIDIA RTX 3070 TI 8GB Gaming. Ryzen 5. 16GB RAM.

I would like to learn how to best use this graphic card to render videos in UE5. Sharing initial settings would be greatly appreciated as well as links to resources where I can learn more, but direct to the point and not 1.5 hrs showcasing examples. Are there any walkthroughs which scope is Unreal Engine?

Hello @humberto.besso and welcome to the NVIDIA developer forums!

Is it possible that you are running out of system memory? Of course it depends on a lot of parameters, but your GPU should be more than good enough, including VRAM, to activate raytracing. UE5 nowadays also has built in Raytracing support through Lumen, which in turn uses software based ray tracing, taxing the CPU and system memory. Unreal settings has a ton of options to optimize this, much more than I could cover here. I recommend UE5 tutorial videos for those.

In terms of RTX technology in UE5 you might want to check out our Youtube briefs on basic setup and installation. These currently come as close to walkthroughs as you can get. In general our Youtube channel is full of useful information beyond Showcases.

We also have a Webinar scheduled for tomorrow, with many more following, on exactly this topic. It might not be as detailed or specific as you need, but it gives a good introduction on what is possible in UE5 and how to enable RTX features.

And you probably know our UE landing page already.

I hope this helps!

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Hey, thanks for answering. I had a profile error, so it asked me to make another account. This should be the correct one from now on.

Thanks for providing the links. I’ll go through them. Also, I managed to render, and it looks great, but I didn’t tweak any aspect of the card, so I might not being using its full power yet.

I attended the webinar, and loved it. Really thankful for it. I learned a lot.

I was told to add here my question so to receive feedback from Cowgil:

"Are there any recommended settings for enabling the most power of RTX in UE5? (at both NVIDIA config panel and at the UE project/world settings)

Hi there, this is quite a difficult question because it depends on a lot of parameters. Richard would like to answer in written form, but he might not get to it during this session. So if you want you can post it in our forums (Raytracing - NVIDIA Developer Forums) and I’ll make sure to forward it to him."

Thanks again!, looking forward to engage more with NVIDIA’s incredible gifts!

Hello Humberto, welcome back!

Great to hear that you enjoyed the Webinar, there sure will be more of those in the future!

I reached out to Richard and hopefully he will have soon time to reply.

Thank you again for attending the Webinar and thanks for your feedback and input!

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Hi Humberto. So to understand the issue better, you’re saying you’re using a 3070ti with 8GB ram and you’re running out of memory when enabling Hardware RT in UE5? To step through this a bit, confirm for me:

What resolution is your display set to?
Are you only enabling Hardware RT or are there other options and plugins being enabled along with it?
Is it a complex or simple scene the error happens with?
And can you share the error? Does it say GPU error of some type or is something else going on?

I’m sure we can figure this out and get you going, thank you!


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