Repeated editor hangs using Eclipse 2021-12 Code editor to edit device code

I am trying to use Eclipse 2021-12 to edit device code. If I enter code, such as mismatched parentheses and save the source file, the editor hangs, I have to kill Eclipse and start over.

This is unacceptabe for a code editor. I have never had editor hangs editing C or C++ host code.

Can this be fixed? Is this editor even supported?

NVIDIA has not validated Eclipse 2021-12 yet. That being said, we have not noticed this type of error before during our validiation of previous Eclipse releases. Do you know if this is a newly-introduced regression? havew you tried this with Eclipse 2021-09?

Yes, this fails with 2021-09 as well. It also seems to have something to do with my editor save file actions which include reformat the entire source file when saving the file.

I installed Eclipse 2021-09 C++ developers package and then installed the Nsight plugins package from /usr/local/cuda-11.5/nsightee_plugins/

I have this source file

extern "C" __global__ void __closesthit__xx() {
                        optixGetPrimitiveIndex(, optixGetSbtGASIndex(), 0.0f, data);

Note missing ‘)’ in the optixGetPrimitiveIndex call.

If I save without auto formatting, there is no hang. If I right click, pick source and format entire file, then Eclipse hangs. I have also seen cases where a save with format with missing ‘)’ where the save takes several seconds instead of being instantaneous, and with misformatted source file, understandable because of the missing ‘)’

I’m not sure if that’s the full scope of the problem but something is badly confusing the source code formatter.

The other thing I have seen, which I have no idea how to pin down, is that after a number of edit/compile/run iterations, I notice one of the CPU cores is running constantly 100% with java (Eclipse) running 100% on that CPU, even when Eclipse is idle… It doesn’t seem to harm anything, but still should not be happening.