CUDA and Eclipse compatible versions

Is there any guide about version compatibility between CUDA and Eclipse? I mean, which versions of Eclipse are supported by CUDA-11.x? I didn’t find such a table in the manuals.

Thanks for your query. At present we do not provide a compatibility table between CUDA and Eclipse in our documentation. For our testing matrix, we typically test against the last version of Eclipse that supports Java v8 (Eclipse 4.16). In addition, we test with Eclipse 4.19, and then the most recent and second-most recent versions of Eclipse that were available during our integration testing. the following table shows our test matrix for all CUDA releases since CUDA 10.2:

Please let us know if we can provide any additional information to help with your query.

Thanks for the table. I have asked a question here. So, it seems that you haven’t test Eclipse 4.26 (2012-12) with cuda 11.6.
I will try to test with 4.21 or 4.20.

This is an interesting post. It seems NVidia is way behind with Eclipse versions. This discussion is over a year old, but current Eclipse is 4.30, the Dec 2023 release. Perhaps that’s is my mistake, I always use the most recent Eclipse version. And then I always get red squiggly lines in my code, along with bug symbols in the symbol column. See screenshot.
Should I try old Eclipses, or is there some setting in the Editor display settings to get this to display correctly? It compiles and runs just fine, it’s just that the code is not understood correctly in the visual editor (red squiggly lines, bug symbols, etc.).
If it compiles and runs fine, the editor shouldn’t complain, or should it?
I always pick the Eclipse for C/C++ development, is that the issue?

The table above was posted when CUDA 12.0 was the most recent release. We’ve published CUDA12.1, 12.2 and 12.3 since then, and have validated our plugins with Eclipse 4.28. What version of CUDA are you using that produces the red squiggly lines?

12.3 update 2, on two computers, both show that problem. Frankly, it has always been that way, ever since CUDA 6, this is nothing new. I always use the latest Eclipse and the latest CUDA toolkit, and I always have this problem. Fedora Linux, LXDM, in case that matters.

Thanks @ParanormalElectron . I can see this also. I will file a internal ticket for our dev to investigate. Any update, I will let you know.