CUDA and Eclipse compatible versions

Is there any guide about version compatibility between CUDA and Eclipse? I mean, which versions of Eclipse are supported by CUDA-11.x? I didn’t find such a table in the manuals.

Thanks for your query. At present we do not provide a compatibility table between CUDA and Eclipse in our documentation. For our testing matrix, we typically test against the last version of Eclipse that supports Java v8 (Eclipse 4.16). In addition, we test with Eclipse 4.19, and then the most recent and second-most recent versions of Eclipse that were available during our integration testing. the following table shows our test matrix for all CUDA releases since CUDA 10.2:

Please let us know if we can provide any additional information to help with your query.

Thanks for the table. I have asked a question here. So, it seems that you haven’t test Eclipse 4.26 (2012-12) with cuda 11.6.
I will try to test with 4.21 or 4.20.