Repeated system crash Ubuntu 22.04 2080Ti

Hi have a problem with a workstation running ubuntu 22.04 with a Nvidia 2080Ti.
The system stop responding and the monitor image freeze. I try also to use various ubuntu shortcut to try to restart everything, however the only possibility is to power done the pc (with the power button)
It usually happens when using omniverse isaac, but it’s an error that was occurring also before.

Desktop specification:
Ubuntu 22:04
CPU: Intel i9-9900K
GPU: 2080Ti

I run to get the log of after the restart.

nvidia-bug-report.log (1.2 MB)
Thanks in advance

Rather sounds like a mainboard issue, might be overheating or lack of power. Please check cpu temperatures, limit clocking of the nvidia gpu (e.g. nvidia-smi -lgc 300,1500) so it doesn’t draw too much power.

Ok, thank you for the response @generix. I was hoping to start at least excluding some error related to gpu’s driver and so on.

Do you have any suggestion for tools to debug and search for possible problem like the one you pointed out?
I will try to change the power supply and tweak fans’ speed to see if can help

No, when the system is completely freezing, nothing will work.