Reporting SDK Manager Issues

There may be times when you have issues logging into the SDK Manager.

The first thing is to make sure you are not using your Google, Facebook, Wechat or QQ account credentials to sign-up at You will not be able to use these credentials to log in to NVIDIA SDK Manager.
You would need to create a new account without using these social media services.

If you are still having issues, please provide the following information in a private message to me.

o DevZone Username and email address
o SDKManager version, JetPack version being downloaded
o Approximate day/time the download was slow or failed
o The city you are located in and the ISP used
o Your IP address -
o Detailed description of the problem: cannot connect to download, the download fails one or multiple
times, download is slower than expected, the install fails after download, etc.

By providing this information, you will help us resolve your SDK Manager issue with less delay.