Requesting ability to use double float for depth in drivers

Would be nice to have the ability to have a higher precision depth format as in some situations 24bits of precision is not enough causing a lot of Z fighting, especially in Pcsx2 emulation where it has 32bits of precision.

Heres a ticket showcasing issue in detail

Hello again @yumzion90!

I think you need to be a bit more precise with your request. What depth buffer implementation do you mean? OpenGL? DirectX? Vulkan? The API specifies the supported precision, not the GPU driver.

Preferably Vulkan, but would also be useful in DX11/12 and OpenGL. I believe there might be an extension to do so with OpenGL but Iā€™m not sure on the support for that.

Any progress yet?, appreciated.šŸ™‚, would do the community a real solid

Hi yumzion90, I think I stated the reply before. The GPU driver already supports double float, that is not the issue. The issue is that the API needs to expose that feature. of course this can be suggested to Microsoft (DX) or Khronos (OpenGL, Vulkan) or Apple (Metal), but this is not something that could be addressed by the driver alone.

I am sorry if that is not helpful.

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I see , guess ill have to open a ticket for vulkan/opengl and directx as well


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