Requirements Installation

Hi, I have few questions.

  1. I installed the isaac sim 2023 1.1 , and got this windows at the end of the process.
    “Isaac Sim Post-Installation Script
    Warming up cache for main app…
    Close this window to skip.”
    It already ran for 30 minutes, so i dont know if it stuck or not.
    can i run the App or i need to wait till it will finish ? when i ran the app i saw “RTX is loading” and it didn’t change.

  2. I have in mu computer the GP108M card [GeForce MX330], and the minimal requirement as mentioned at the nvidia documentation is GeForce RTX 2070, will it be good enough ?

  3. in case not, can i connect another GPU for my computer (laptop) ? will the settings will be hard job ?


@yaffeomer2015 i am just another user, and you will likely need a GPU that has RT cores. in your scenario, a hardware upgrade may be necessary to use OV apps. i will defer to the mods on the best ways to get up and running.