Resolution / refresh rate changing and flickering during boot

I discover the world of linux and I just installed a fedora 25. The driver akmod nvidia is well installed. I have a 1440p 144Hz gsync screen and I managed to make the 144Hz activates well after gnome boot.

However, when booting up my screen changes a dozen times of resolution / refresh rate and this leads to a frightening flicker for the longevity life of my screen …

I do not have this symptom under windows where it changes only once resolution after passing the windows boot manager.

Is there a way to do this under linux? I’ve heard about nvidia drm mode but I do not know if it’s related and how to activate it.

Thanks you

See, when your PC boots up it

  1. first initializes some default VGA mode
  2. then your BIOS/UEFI switches to another mode
  3. then GRUB possibly changes to another mode
  4. then, since NVIDIA drivers don’t support FB mode yet, you get into VGA 80x25 mode
  5. then your NVIDIA drivers switch to your proper display resolution

Anyways, you shouldn’t be alarmed/concerned or anything like that - mode switches are completely harmless for your display.