Resuming nvidia-release-upgrade seems to download 22.04

Attempting to upgrade from DGX Station version 4.14 to 5.5 then upgrade was interrupted then seemed to get in a strange state.

It’s currently reporting that it’s still on 4.14.1 but the OS has updated to Ubuntu 20.04.

If I try to re-run nvidia-release-upgrade it looks like it’s going to upgrade to Ubuntu 22.04, which seems like a bad idea.

Is there a clean way to complete the upgrade to 5.5?

Hi @dave.jennings ,
You see the attempt to upgrade to Ubuntu 22.04 when you do the nvidia-release-upgrade ala Upgrading - NVIDIA Docs ?

Hi Scott,

I think so. Following those docs when I run nvidia-release-upgrade part of the output says:

authenticate 'jammy.tar.gz' against 'jammy.tar.gz.gpg' 
extracting 'jammy.tar.gz'

That’s where I get nervous and stop the install.

How we got here was, I was following those steps on a 4.14 installation but had to exit the install whilst nvidia-release-upgrade was downloading packages. I thought I could just resume from that point but instead, when I ran it again, it asked me to first make sure that everything was updated. That involved running apt upgrade a few times by which stage all of the downloaded stuff had been installed. That brought me up to 20.04, NVIDIA driver 470 and CUDA 11.4.

I would have thought that all was fine but it still reports as being 4.14, presumably because some final bits of nvidia-release-upgrade never ran. When I try to run it now it seems to want to update to jammy (22.04) which I’d rather not do. I’m not to worried about it reporting the wrong version but wonder if there are any other tasks that didn’t get run. So I’d like to do it cleanly if I can.