Right-click context menus flickering when connecting to Isaac Sim from Omniverse Streaming Client

Problem Description

When connecting to Isaac Sim (official NVidia image running in a container) through the Omniverse Streaming Client, certain UI panels such as Stage, Property and Action Graph has trouble handling mouse right clicks: the context menu shows for a short instance and then disappears.

Right-click context menus in the Viewport and other parts of the UI work fine.

The problem seems to go away if I simultaneously click the left AND right mouse button, which get registered as a normal right click and the context menu does not disappear.


  • System: Ubuntu 22 with RTX 3060

  • Isaac Sim: official NVidia image running locally in container (headless native mode)

  • Streaming Client: version 103.1.1


  • I’ve tested with multiple mouses and the problem persists, so it’s not a hardware issue.

  • I’ve also tested connecting to Isaac Sim through websocket, and didn’t encounter the problem. This seems to suggest that it’s a bug with the Streaming Client’s mouse handling instead of Isaac Sim itself.

  • No warning/error logs have been found when reproducing the right-click problems.

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Same issue here. Any response from the support/devs?


  • Host System: Ubuntu 20.04.5 with RTX3090Ti
  • Isaac Sim: 2022.2.0 (not running in a container)
  • Client System: Windows 11
  • Streaming Client: 103.1.1