Rivermax ST2110 "rmax_out_create_stream" failed

Dear Expert

I am using rivermax to send ST2110 stream, I found that “rmax_out_create_stream” failed on some resolutions, such as 4224x2160

I would like to know what resolution rules are supported so that we can avoid unsupported resolutions

OS: Windows 10pro
Rivermax SDK: 1.20


Hi @wanglx,

Thanks for your question.
I ran a quick check with the mentioned resolution with media_sender sample code provided with the SDK, and it didn’t fail.
To understand more about the issue you describe we will need more details from your setup (full application logs, server/adapter configuration, etc…) and this investigation will require a support case, which need to open in Nvidia portal.

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Hi abirman

Thanks for your reply!

Ensure all chunks to be the same size, and this problem is disappear