RmInitAdapter failed! (0x22:0x56:760) and (0x24:0x40:1428)


I have an old GTX1060 lying around that I’ve decided to revive for a bit of CUDA work, however nvidia-smi says “No devices were found” even though lspci is able to see the GPU. I’ve tried installing multiple driver versions (530.30.02, 520.61.05) using the cuda runfiles on multiple fresh installs with the same outcome. I’m trying to figure out if the GPU is dead, or if there’s anything that can fix the problem?


nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (83.9 KB)

LaneErrStat: LaneErr at lane: 13
Please try reseating the gpu in its slot, possibly multiple times, cleaning the pcie pins. If that doesn’t help, it’s likely dead.

Looks like the LaneErr went away after reseating the gpu, but nvidia-smi still says no.

nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (83.9 KB)

You attached the same log as in your first post.
If you’re still getting RmInitAdapter failed errors without lane errors, the gpu is dead.

Ah alright then, thanks a bunch @generix, much appreciated!