Rootfs for Drive AGX Orin module

I want to download rootfilesystem for Drive AGX Orin module. I don’t have developers account, so when I tried with SDK manager it is giving error during login time. Any other option to download rootfile system for Drive AGX Orin module.

Dear @rkk2,

No. You need to have DevZone account to login to sdkmanager to download DRIVE OS release.

How we can get DevZone account.

Dear @rkk2,
Are you able to login into with SSO login?

Please confirm if you are member of DRIVE AGX Developer program? If not, please enroll at and let us know the status

Able to login

submitted application for enrollment at

Can you share link to enroll for Jetson AGX Orin also.

Dear @rkk2,
Just want to confirm if you have DRIVE AGX Orin devkit? Also, please share details how you purchased it(like which vendor). You can share the details via private message.

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