SDK to build UEFI, Kernel and rootfs

We are looking for the SDK where we can build UEFI, Kernel and rootfs at one place for the Jetson AGX Orin development kit. Come across a link related to Nvidia SDK manager at Download and Run SDK Manager — sdk-manager 2.0.0 documentation. While following the steps mentioned in the link, we are facing error “User Is not authorized on NVIDIA developer server” as mentioned in the below screen shot. We are using host PC running with Ubuntu 22.04.


We have created account in Nvidia developers forum. Do we need any additional access to avoid the above error? Please suggest the link “” we are referring is proper one for building UEFI, Kernel and rootfs in host PC(Ubuntu 22.04) for the AGX Orin development kit.


You don’t necessarily need SDK Manager for doing that.
This is basically all you need:

Please also note that for JetPack 5/L4T 35.x, we don’t fully verify the workflow on Ubuntu 22.04, and the recommended OS for host PC is Ubuntu 18.04/20.04.

Thanks for the reply. I am basically looking for a buildsystem similar to build root. In buildroot we will have different configs for different boards, when we start build with the board specific buildroot config file then it will build bootloader, kernel and rootfs images. I can achieve the buildroot kind of functionality using jetpack-sdk?

We don’t officially support Buildroot with Jetson, and you may need to look for some third-party projects, or write some scripts yourself to automate the process.

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